To Do List……..

There are people in this world who are so organised they do next years Christmas shopping in the January sales, they are the sort of people who thrive on lists and who can work 12 hour days, cook dinner, shop, socialize and still have time for their family!  I’m not one of them.  Instead I leave things to the very last-minute before I swing into action, Christmas shopping is a dash around Fosse Park 2 days before Christmas.  Every time I leave things to the last-minute I swear I’ll do  better next time, so with that in mind and only 1 week to go, I am being organised and making a list that I can’t lose or throw away – here goes:

  • Find Fugly log book and obtain new number plate for trailer.
  • Stick trailer back together again –  that’s got to be a mans job, I choose which bits of feminism I support and I don’t support the bit about women having anything to do with the fixing of cars or trailers.
  • Fix lights on trailer – man job.
  • Obtain new bulbs for Fuglies headlight and tail light – I think I can manage that.
  • Put new bulbs in – man job.
  • Screw Fuglies undercarriage back together – 2 man job.
  • Re-gas Air Con – take to a man who can.
  • Clean and wash Fugly – womans work – only joking,  I’ll bribe the kids to do that one.
  • Print Breakdown Recovery Policy and Ferry booking.
  • Swear at printer ink running out.
  • Finish all work paperwork and file.
  • Order Euros.
  • Hide Euros.
  • Remember to find Euros upon departure.
  • Remind boys to bring their passports back from their Dads house.
  • Remind them again.
  • Remind their Dad.
  • Steal  passports.
  • Get all of the clothes washing done – oh how I’m laughing to myself.
  • Write a shopping list.
  • Go shopping.
  • Buy lots of things we don’t need and nothing we do need because the list is lost.
  • Fill car up with Diesel after buying copious amounts of Tuna from Tesco in order to get 5p off per litre.
  • Clean the house.
  • Pack whatever clothes are clean.
  • Trim, shave and wax all unsuspecting hairs, wherever they be.
  • Pack car.
  • Leave.
  • Go back for the customary forgotten child.

One thing that my 43 years life experience has taught me is that it  all gets done in the end so I’m not going to stress too much, besides I’ve got a whole week to do it all in.