Pre-Holiday Budget

A recent newspaper reported that the average Brit exceeds their holiday budget by an average of around £300 – is that all?   We apparently underestimate the costs before we even go on holiday with women more often than not blowing their cash on clothes and beauty products (you don’t say!).  So out of interest I thought I’d add up the costs of our holiday so far:-

Clothes for 6:    (Ebay, Primark, New Look, Peacocks, Tesco)  =  £350.00

Ferry:      Car plus trailer    (P & O Ferries)    =   £145.00

Campsite Deposit: Camping La Barque  =     £100.00

Gas bottle re-fill:     (Kibworth garden centre)    =    £ 21.00

New number plate, defectors, GB stickers etc :   (K Tee Motors)  =    £ 38.00

Annual UK &European Car Break Down Recovery: (JS Insurance)   =  £ 85.00

                                                                                                                    Total:            £739.00

These costs don’t include the food I will buy on Thursday (£100 approx) or filling up with fuel (a staggering £85 to fill up our car at the moment).  I make savings wherever I can, for example I will be shopping at Lidl and will mainly buy lots of drinks for the journey, this will save up to 70p per drink compared to buying at a roadside services or cafe, so each round of soft drinks for 6 of us will save around £6.20 x 4 per day travelling = £24.80 per day!!  I will fill up with fuel using Tescos current offer of 5p off per litre when you buy tuna and multipacks of coca-cola , I will then combine these to give 10p off per litre and head to Tesco South Wigston where diesel is currently £135.9 per litre.

I made savings on clothes by shopping at the cheaper stores, for example I bought my eldest son an excellent Tee-shirt with a camper van motif from Primark for £3.00, he loves it.  I treated myself to a fabulous Maxi dress from Tesco for £20.00 but I have to confess to buying more than just a maxi dress for my holiday.

Other savings I have made include the Ferry booking with P & O Ferries; the trick is to keep searching on their website until you find the cheapest crossing.  You do this by entering your details including when you would prefer to sail,  then on the next screen it will list the outward crossing you have selected but not any others.  If you keep hitting the ‘earlier’ or ‘later’ buttons it will list the times and prices for each crossing.  For example the outward crossing is on the busiest day of the year and most of the morning crossings were between £200 – £300, I kept hitting the buttons until I came to the 12.40 crossing at £75.00 – a saving of at least £125.00.  I think £145 return crossing for a car and trailer in peak season is a great price but it takes just a little bit of time and searching to find these prices.

European Car Breakdown is another great saving – mine is an annual insurance covering homestart in the UK and I simply used to find the best deal.  At £85.00 with JS Insurance for the year it compares favourably with the RAC who want £134.00 just for single trip European breakdown.

With only 5 days to go I have loads to do, mostly things I forgot to put on the to-do list like collecting prescriptions, de-fleaing the cat and dog, washing the dogs bed ready to go for his Spa break at my parents etc.  The most important thing I have to do is to find the camera and charger and prepare it so that I can post our photos on this blog.  Ciao for now.


To Do List……..

There are people in this world who are so organised they do next years Christmas shopping in the January sales, they are the sort of people who thrive on lists and who can work 12 hour days, cook dinner, shop, socialize and still have time for their family!  I’m not one of them.  Instead I leave things to the very last-minute before I swing into action, Christmas shopping is a dash around Fosse Park 2 days before Christmas.  Every time I leave things to the last-minute I swear I’ll do  better next time, so with that in mind and only 1 week to go, I am being organised and making a list that I can’t lose or throw away – here goes:

  • Find Fugly log book and obtain new number plate for trailer.
  • Stick trailer back together again –  that’s got to be a mans job, I choose which bits of feminism I support and I don’t support the bit about women having anything to do with the fixing of cars or trailers.
  • Fix lights on trailer – man job.
  • Obtain new bulbs for Fuglies headlight and tail light – I think I can manage that.
  • Put new bulbs in – man job.
  • Screw Fuglies undercarriage back together – 2 man job.
  • Re-gas Air Con – take to a man who can.
  • Clean and wash Fugly – womans work – only joking,  I’ll bribe the kids to do that one.
  • Print Breakdown Recovery Policy and Ferry booking.
  • Swear at printer ink running out.
  • Finish all work paperwork and file.
  • Order Euros.
  • Hide Euros.
  • Remember to find Euros upon departure.
  • Remind boys to bring their passports back from their Dads house.
  • Remind them again.
  • Remind their Dad.
  • Steal  passports.
  • Get all of the clothes washing done – oh how I’m laughing to myself.
  • Write a shopping list.
  • Go shopping.
  • Buy lots of things we don’t need and nothing we do need because the list is lost.
  • Fill car up with Diesel after buying copious amounts of Tuna from Tesco in order to get 5p off per litre.
  • Clean the house.
  • Pack whatever clothes are clean.
  • Trim, shave and wax all unsuspecting hairs, wherever they be.
  • Pack car.
  • Leave.
  • Go back for the customary forgotten child.

One thing that my 43 years life experience has taught me is that it  all gets done in the end so I’m not going to stress too much, besides I’ve got a whole week to do it all in.