A Sad Journey Home

Our brilliant Plymouth weekend ended on a sad note. We arrived back at our friends and sat enjoying a coffee before our journey back to Leicester, via Stamford to pick up Bruces 2 children from their Mums. Bruce checked his messages on the computer where he discovered his Maltese Nana had died that morning.

Most of us love our Nans and it is a very sad time when they die, but for Bruce his Nan was special as he was raised by her in Malta until he was around 8 years of age, for him his Nan was his mother and the absolute, unconditional love between them on our 2 short visits to Malta was plain to see. She had lived a poor woman, giving birth to 12 children including Bruces Mum who died when he was young. She had been saving money so she could have the funeral “of a rich woman” and there was no question that Bruce would not be there.

We drove from Plymouth to Stamford to pick Bruces children up and then back to Leicester. We discovered that the funeral was to be held at 9am Tuesday morning which meant we had to fly out on Monday. Frantic internet flight searching ensued and we eventually found a flight departing 6.30am from Manchester. I have never packed so quickly and with passports in hand we left our house just after midnight to drop the kids off with my wonderfully dependable parents (thanks Mum and Dad), after a quick coffee we then set off for Manchester Airport which we arrived at about 4am. We boarded around 6am and left to say a final farewell to Bruces Nan in the place Bruce regards as home – Malta.


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