We found ourselves in the unusual position of having no children, no work and a whole summer weekend to ourselves so, after a quick phone call to our friend JC, we set off for Plymouth. M6, M42, M5, A38 and 4 and half hours later we arrived a our friends place of work where they were having a fund-raising event which involved the game of Bingo. Now Bingo isn’t our activity of choice and I’m fairly sure Bruce hasn’t played it before but it turned out to be a thoroughly enjoyable experience mainly on account of watching Bruce desperately trying to keep up with the caller.
The following day we woke up to pouring rain and an invitation to a bar-b-q that evening – it wasn’t looking promising. We chilled out with our friends chatting and reading and eating pasties (proper pasties not the mushed up soggy pastry things we get at home) from the bakery in Plymstock. By lunchtime the rain cleared and the sun was shining so we decided to take a walk in the nearby Radford Park. Note to self: never wear fake Crocs after rain again. I slipped, tripped and skidded my way through the woods and then along the estuary into the open park. As a Midlander I always find places near the sea with boats bobbing about exciting and exotic and as the sun shone and the boats bobbed I sat on a wall drinking it all in to take back to Leicester with me so I could recall the memory on a dismal winters day in the Midlands.

That evening we went to a friends for a barbie. I have never met them but Bruce has and the hosts were laid back and welcoming and the Pimms was to die for. We sat drinking and eating and the banter flowed as a fire was lit. I love people watching, I’m seriously hot on weighing people up and I enjoy meeting new people, but I have a policy not to write my personal observations although I’d love to. I did however thoroughly enjoy my evening with an entertaining and interesting group of people.

On Sunday the cloud lifted and the sun shone again as we made our way to the Eddystone Inn for a walk and lunch. It was actually quite hot as we sat on the terrace overlooking the sea with the Eddystone Lighthouse in the distance. We enjoyed our lunch, I particularly enjoyed the Cornish Cider and then we headed down to the coast path with our dog Charlie. He loved running about in the rock pools, in fact he loved the whole weekend as he had been getting lots of fuss and attention even from complete strangers. Eventually it was time to return to our friends for a cuppa before we left for home. It had been a fantastic weekend with wonderful hosts and as we are broke after our France holiday it had been a real bonus to be able to enjoy a few days away child free. Little did we know as we drove back to Plymstock that the following day we would be in Malta!


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