Day 1 – 2 Arrival at camping La Barque


Our pitch

Finally my laptop is fixed and I can try to catch up on the last few days.  The picture to the left is a bit misleading as it shows the sun shining which it has definitely not done today, Wednesday, in fact it has tipped it down all day with a bit of local flooding, thunder and lightning thrown in for good measure.

As I have mentioned we had an epic journey down here and all the planning has gone completely out of the window due to the rain and cold further north.  I can’t tell you how relieved we all were that Camping La Barque had room to allow us to arrive 3 days earlier, later that day they were completely full, in fact the whole of the south of  France is fuller than I’ve ever known it.

We were met by Veronique and Boucherie the campsite owners who are very warm and

Reception at Camping La Barque

friendly, Boucherie showed us to our pitch on a golf buggy and before long we were pitching up.  I am not going to pretend that after driving for 34 hours we were all happy bunnies, pitching up was like pulling teeth and seemed to drag on for ever and I so wanted my bed.  After near divorce (which would be relatively easy as we’re not married)  we were ready to sit and open our treasured bottle of red and relax. I didn’t even finish mine, the call of the bed was so powerful and once in a horizontal position I remained comatose until the morning, when I woke up refreshed, with the sun shining in one of my favourite places in the world,


2 responses to “Day 1 – 2 Arrival at camping La Barque

  1. Love reading about your camping. We are heading to south of France on Monday and also couldn’t book any where! Are there spots at campsites when you headed down or is everywhere bursting at the seams. You’re in pretty much the same area that we were hoping to get to….. Camping panic! 🙂

    • Hi Jamie and thank you, we’re leaving La Barque tomorrow 2 days early so there will be a pitch on this site, good luck and hope you find somewhere.

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