An epic journey……..

Just a quick post as I’m using Georges laptop which means a)I’m time limited, b) it’s a nightmare c) I have no access to photos and no time to upload.  My laptop is not working but will hopefully be fixed tomorrow.

We left Leicester at 7am Saturday morning and disembarked the ferry in Calais at 3pm French time.  It was raining and by the time we got to Reims it was still raining so we continued…….and continued……..and continued!!  We stopped several times and I can’t praise my children highly enough, all 4 of them are the best.  At 4am we stopped south of Lyon, it had finally stopped raining and the temperature, although cool for Lyon was warmer than in the north.  The children volunteered to watch a film outside on the picnic area as the sun came up so Bruce and I could sleep for an hour with the chairs reclined. I could at this point say I woke up feeling refreshed and ready for the journey on but in truth I woke up and felt like I had been hit by a large mallet and forced to eat sawdust however after a drink and a leg stretch we continued south to the Gorge Du Verdon.  We tried several campsites which were all full, in all my years of camping in high season I’ve always managed to find a pitch somewhere but the whole region, we were being told, was full.  Tired, hungary and a little bit anxious we rang Camping La Barque which I had booked from Wednesday and they said it would be no problem for us to come early.  Our luck had turned, we stopped for a fabulous meal (which I will blog about tomorrow) and by 3pm Sunday we were on our pitch in St Aygulf, South of France, which is where I’m writing from now.  More tomorrow as I’m being watched, hassled and pressured to finish on the laptop.


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