Booked a camp site!!

I’ve done something I rarely do, I’ve booked a site in the south of France for 7 nights.  So why the U-turn on my usual no booking rule?   I wanted to remove a bit of stress from our quite stressful and busy lifes, in short, just lately, we have had enough adventure in our lifes and need a break.  Take this weekend for example:

The wheel bearing on Fugly was getting progressively worse and Bruces’ ( the other half) van had started smoking and playing up but we pressed on with a wedding disco on Friday night (as well as mending computers Bruce  is a DJ and has a fabulous set up – see ) We took down the set up the following morning and dropped my step-son  off at the train station to go and spend the night with his Mum.  We were now child free, my boys were with their Dad, and we had been given a free room for the evening at the hotel where we did the disco.  Excellent, we did a bit of shopping (I managed to get Bruce into Primark for 10 minutes! result!) then a bit of rest and then went out for the evening with my lovely laid back brother and his bubbly wife. We enjoyed a fab curry at a restaurant on Melton Road in Leicester and then on to The White Horse in Birstall to enjoy another bottle of wine (for sister-in-law and me) by the river on a warm summers evening.  So far, so good.  We returned to the hotel where Bruce began to feel a little unwell, and with the promise of rumpy-pumpy fast disappearing, I crashed out and fell asleep.  I awoke at 2am to the sound of vomiting (he hadn’t been drinking) and a very unwell partner.  I could write a whole essay on what happened next, I have rarely seen anyone in so much pain, but I will cut the story very short – he had his gall bladder removed Sunday night.  My boys also returned Sunday night, one of them with a sickness bug.

So now it’s Tuesday, I have had the day off work to keep an eye on Bruce, who is now out of hospital.  Youngest son is still off school with tummy bug but seems to be getting better, eldest son has finished school until September, step-son will be home from school very soon.  Fugly is nearly fixed and the van was fixed yesterday, I don’t even want to think about how much money we’ve got to find.  I have spent the day on the phone, talking to answering machines and pressing buttons trying to sort a few bits out and I have just finished completing the booking form to send off.  Oh, and of course I’ve been looking after the various ill men in my life!

So Camping La Barque ( here we come!  I chose this site because it is a short bike ride from the beach and it doesn’t look like an all singing, all dancing Butlins by the Med type place.  It’s also a bit cheaper than some of the other sites in the area.  We will still be meandering down to the south with no sites booked and meandering back up, but in between the adventure we will have a week of sun and fun by the sea.  That’s the plan anyway.

More Coolest Camping in the next blog…………


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